Order Installer Settings

Buy and sell order installers for eve trader were delevoped to automate earning ISKs with the program. It is possible to setup bot to constantly buy some items for cheap and resell items at the same station for more expensive price and get income. Bot does not select what to buy and resell automatically, you should perform research with market exporter and market analyzer and detect items with good profit. Sell order installer and buy order installer are separate blocks, you may use them with different item set, but for best experience it is recommended to buy and resell the same items. 
Order installer has limitations: In trial mode order installers may be used to install skillbooks sell and buy orders only. You cannot install orders of items with similar names: e.g., dont buy or sell 'Expanded Cargohold I' and ''Expanded Cargohold II'. While searching for expanded cargohold I bot will find expanded cargohold II and inventory and will try to sell it, then generate cache error. You should have only one repackaged item stack in inventory. Bot will not repair/repackage items for you. It will try to stack items although. Order installer works with presonal inventory, i.e., 'station floor' or 'station hangar'. You cannot setup order installer to use corporate hangar or deliveries. Traveling must be disabled if you use order installer. You can use it when you docked to current station defined in settings. You can use traveling without order installer if you prefer to install orders manually.
Sell Order Installer:
- 'Enable Sell Order Installer' will switch on sell order installer function. There are two modes available:
  1. 'No Sell Orders' - EVE Trader will install new sell order when previous sell order completed.
  2. 'No Buy and Sell Orders' - EVE Trader will install new sell order when neither buy nor orders present. This mode is used when you dont want to sell item purchased with buy order partially and prefer to wait while buy order purchases all items first.

- 'Update Interval' - define minimal and maximal intervals in minutes to start sell order installer. Dont use too short values because bot will waste time for extra checks.

- 'Current Station' - you should define station you use to setup sell orders. Sell order installer uses just one station. It cannot be setup to install sell orders at different stations and travel when necessary. Default station is trade hub in Jita. There is no extra check that your trader located at correct station.

- 'Install Order in Profit more then (%)' - you can activate this checkbox to install sell order if difference between buy order price and sell order price may be used to get income. If profit is negative, it is better to sell items directly to existing buy order and save on taxes. If function activated, but profit undefined, e.g., no buy or sell orders present, sell order will not be installed. Brokers fee and sales tax are taken from trader settings.

- 'Real Time Editor' - if you check this option bot will show price editor each time when current reagional sell orders reached minimal price and sell order installer cannot install sell order. If you switch on autoupdater, bot will correct this price automatically.

In order to sell item using sell order installer you need to add new record to the list of items. Each item has several paratemeters:

  1. Item name to sell
  2. Minimal price you can sell item for. Bot will detect best available price to sell item just before sell order installation. If this price is below minimal price limit, sell order installer will not install sell order and wait for your decission.
  3. Minimal quantity of items to sell. If you constaltly buy items it is wise to limit the number of items sold to descerase the number of small sell orders installed and make bot more effective in updating bigger orders. If value is zero bot will sell any number of items. If you dont have buy order of the same item at the same station and bot does not expect that the number of items may increase soon, bot will also sell any number of items. Only station range buy orders is used for estimation.
  4. Maximal quantity to sell. You may split stack of your items and sell items separately. This is required if you dont expect that you sell all stack soon, but price for the item is changing fast (increasing or decreasing, corresponding to market history). If price is decreasing you will save on taxes if you split stack and sell parts separately. If price is increasing, you may sell several stacks for better price in result. Also you may use this option if you dont want to scare your competitors and add all your items at once. Usually when people see big quantity of items sold, they start to update orders more aggressively and may cut profit to sell items faster.

Adding items to the list: You have two possibilities to add items to sell order list. One is to add items one by one using edit boxes: 'Item', 'Min. Price', min and max 'Quantity'. To add item click 'Add/Change' button. If item already present in the list, item parameters will be edited. Another possibility is to use Market Analyzer to form item list and load this list here using 'Load' or 'Append' buttons. 'Load' will erase current list before adding new items. To change existing item parameters find and click this item in the list and current parameters will be copied to edit boxes. To sort item list by any column in the list click column header.

Deleting items from the list: select item in the list and click 'Delete' button. You may delete all items fast using 'Clear All' button.

Exporting sell order settings: It is good idea to backup your sell order list periodically. Use 'Save' button.


Buy Order Installer:
- 'Enable Buy Order Installer' will switch on buy order installer function. Available modes:
  1. 'No Buy Orders' - EVE Trader will install new buy order as soon as old buy order is finished. Dont use it if you dont want to accidentally buy all available items in eve online ;)
  2. 'No  Buy Orders and Items in Station' - New buy order will be installed as soon as previous buy order is finished and sell order installer installed item to sell. Use this if you have enough ISKs to buy double amount of items. This mode is most effective one. Togather with 'No Sell Orders' mode of the sell order installer you will buy and sell items at the same time.
  3. 'No Buy and Sell Orders' - Items in station not checked. New buy order will be installed if no buy or sell order is present. As the first option this option may potentially purchase more items then required, e.g., if sell orders not installed because of profit restriction and you did not apply same profit restriction to buy order installer.
  4. 'No Buy/Sell Orders and Items in Station' - Most safe (in terms of ISK consumption) but less effective metod. If you use this method togather with 'No Buy and Sell Orders' of sell order installer you organize cyclic operation: Buy items->Sell Items->Buy new items etc.
  5. 'No Buy/Items + Sell < 25% of Buy' - As soon as quantity of items in sell orders and inventory less then 25% of amount of buy order quantity, bot will install buy order. Bot will try to buy items in advance like in 2, but should never purchase double amount of items like in 4.

In order to buy item using buy order installer you need to add new record to the list of items. Each item has several paratemeters:

  1. Item name to buy
  2. Maximal price you can buy item for. Bot will detect best available price to buy item just before buy order installation. If this price is above of maximal price limit, buy order installer will not install buy order and wait for your decission.
  3. Quantity of items to buy. You cannot set it to be zero.

- 'Real Time Editor' - if you check this option bot will show price editor each time when current regional buy orders reached maximal price and bot cannot install buy order. If you switch on autoupdater, bot will correct this price automatically.

- 'Update Interval' , 'Current Station', 'Install Order in Profit more then (%)' have the same meaning as for sell order installer. To add or delete items from buy order list use the same options as for sell order installer.

The last column in the buy orders list is showing the number of ISKs you need to buy item for maximal price. 'Required' label at the bottom of the list is a total ISK sum required to buy all items in the list.