Market Exporter


Market Exporter is obsolete function and should be used with trial version of the bot only or if api server is not online. Now bot may collect all the data faster via eve API. Check market analyzer section.

The Market Analyzer consists of two functions:

  1. Market Exporter takes a list of your market items of interest and exports the information from online and saves it locally.
  2. Market Analyzer is an offline tool that will parse a collection of exported files and calculate the best positions to buy and resell items. The Analyzer can be accessed via "tools" menu or via Market Exporter settings panel. The Market Analyzer can be used without EVETrader as it is free addon to EVETrader. You will need to have market export files stored in the local folder, which can be accessed via the folder buttons. To use the market history and calculate probable income, you will need to run the Market Exporter by macrolab.

Market Exporter Settings:

  1. 'Enable Market Export' - check this to include the market export stage to the default algorithm and start exporting market orders.
  2. 'Stop Bot When Done' - if you check this, the Market Exporter will close the client after all of the market items have been processed. Don't check this option if you plan to export market orders from several regions. The information about the collected items from the list is stored locally. If you have started the Market Analyzer but it has not finished, it will continue the list from last known position the next time it is run. To reset the position and start the job over you can press 'Reset Index' button.
  3. 'Update History Data' - The Market Exporter will always update the history data, the first time for each item in a particular region. This history data does not need to be updated regularly as it is averaged over the past 20 days. If you haven't updated the history for a long time you can check this option and the Market Exporter will update the history once more for all of the existing records.
  4. 'Close Market When Done' - This checkbox will ask the Market Exporter to close the market window when it's job has been completed. This is only required if you use the traveling module. An open market window will prevent travel between regions.
  5. 'Set Market Item List To Export' will manage the list of items to be exported.
  6. The 'Open Analyzer' button will open the offline Market Analyzer tool.
  7. The 'Open Export Folder' button will open the folder that stores the exported data to use with the Market Analyzer. You can use the files that have been exported with the Market Exporter or put your own files in here.