Auto Trader Settings  

Autotrader is a simple version of EVE Trader. Here is step by step manual how to use this bot.

1) You need a character with at least 200 mils ISKs docked in a trade hub like Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant. Remove all items you dont want to be sold from station inventory. Damaged items for sale must be repaired and repackaged. Stack items. Exit EVE.

2) Select AutoTrader algorithm as per picture above. Open shared settings->first run wizard settings and untick autoupdate market. Then complete first run.

3) Open settings panel:



4) Define station name of a trade hub where you going to start autotrader. Autotrader is optimized for Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, good experience in other hubs is not guaranteed

5) Click 'Create History File' button to download trade volume data from eve API server. You need to do this every time when you switch region or want to add new items as they appear in eve. Depending on your internet speed, downloading history data may take up to one hour. Don't create new history file too frequently! History file stores information about limiting prices and it takes time (couple of days) to adjust limiting prices to real market values while bot will work not efficiently.

6) Define broker's fee and sales tax. You should take this information from sell order installer window when you create order with not instant duration.

7) Define max orders you will use. Max orders can not exceed the number of order slots you have. The number of order slots you can have is visible in market window on the bottom.

8) Tick 'Sell Items' or/and 'Sell Ships' to activate trading items or ships. Tick 'Bulk Seller' if you dont want to buy new items, but sell your existing staff only. Bulk seller still continue to update existing buy orders. Again, if bulk seller is ON, bot will not create new buy orders. Bot will only install buy orders if you have enough items with total price > 10 millions. If you want to sell every item, enable bulk seller mode. Bulk seller mode has no total order price check.

9) 'Order Installation Interval (minutes)' used to skip order creation stage when no new orders is necessary to install. Order installation procedure takes time (up to 30 minutes, depending on your internet connection speed). The more frequently you ask bot to install new orders, the less time bot spend to update existing orders. 60 minute interval is default value.

10) 'Buy Order Duration' may be used to reduce/increase duration of buy orders. Sell order duration is always selected as 30 days.

11) Bot will evenly split existng ISKs between available order slots to calculate how much items to buy. If you dont want to spend all ISKs or want to test bot and cancel orders later you can reduce max funds per buy order value.

12) Standard autotrader uses items with profit 10-200%, daily volume (from market history) more then 100m ISKs and max competitor count less or equal to 3. Wealthy trader uses items with profit 2.5-25%, daily trade volume 1.5b ISKs or more and max competitor count is limited by 10. If you have perfect trader and notice that autotrader cannot distribute all ISKs you have, try wealthy trader mode. More important to have perfect skills and standings then wallet balance to use wealthy trader mode.

13) If you dont want to trade SKINS and BOOSTERS tick 'Exclude SKINS and BOOSTERS' tickbox. SKINS and BOOSTERS are frequently used to manupulate with prices as most of them are rarely used and price volatility is very high.

15) To increase resolution of the eve client tick 'Max Window Resolution' checkbox. You may need to start evepilot with admin rights to have effect. Bot will scroll list of orders less frequently with higher resolution. If this option generates error, disable it. Disable max window resolution mode if you need to undock, e.g. when courier interface or collector addon enabled. If you tick or untick this you don't need new first run.