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First run issues
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Сообщения темы: First run issues
First run issues 10 г., 4 мес. назад Репутация: 0
Having issues with first run, i have been using the full version now for 4 months (had to redo first run for new license) i began having the issues when i stated setting up my 2nd clients first run a few weeks back but after eventually looping it finally got there, sadly it isn't this time.

What is happening is the first run will run until it begins to change client settings when it goes to the general settings tab of the menu i get a graphical error several things can happen - It can black out totally so there is no text visible, the whole window will look like an oil painting or it will look like someone has smudged everything on the screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling deleting licenses and running in the recommended safe mode start which all ends the same way, don't see how this can be an issue with my graphics card as when the first run is done it works fine and also when i play normally i have no issues either. Log files have been sent although unfortunately the bot and error logger didn't take any. Sometimes it will get past the general settings tab to the audio menu but i haven't seen it reach past that.

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