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Running Hubs: Little things
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Сообщения темы: Running Hubs: Little things
Re: Running Hubs: Little things 5 г., 8 мес. назад Репутация: 821
NeonDude wrote:
Hi Slav,
Any updates on the how I can prevent drone deaths and the macro not completing a Hub?
Did you receive the log i sent you?


Was working on new BDO bot feature, then new UI patch came out and I had to redo bot again. Sorry for delay.

Corresponding to your log bot is finishing fight by timeout of 90 seconds. NPCs are outside of your max attack distance 30000. Both values defined in settings. Increase timeout or distance. Every time bot is recording screen in errorhandler folder like:

C:\Users\%YourWindowsLogin%\AppData\Local\MacroLab\Eve Pilot\ErrorHandler\EVEPilot-

so you can look what was condition before warpout.

About damaging drones. Bot detected that drone is damaged and docked it. This happened twice but was not the reason of warpout. Docking drone took about 5 seconds. To speed up this, you can increase mouse speed till 7 in settings. That is the only I can suggest. If you believe something is wrong, record video. I want to see dying drone
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Send logs to my mail - with subject 'log files' to pass spam filter.
How to record logs in knowledge base
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