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Сообщения темы: Mining with drones and lasers
Mining with drones and lasers 3 г., 10 мес. назад Репутация: 0
I don't know how common with this, but based on what I've observed, this is what happens when I try to mine with drones and lasers;

It starts with drones on one asteroid, one laser on another, and the second on the third.

Next stage: 1 laser runs out of asteroid, targets drone asteroid

Third stage: Laser mines as if drones are not mining, wasting time in the cycle.

Fourth: Asteroid shared by drones and laser runs out, returning to stage 1.

I've tried to make it so that I could target up to 5 asteroids, to mine 3 asteroids at once, but no matter what I do nothing works. It just keeps wasting time like this. It is possible to include a feature, or fix the existing ones, so that if you're using drones the first target can only be selected by drones (unless there are no other asteroids in range)? Or possibly make it so that once the drone asteroid is being mined, the bot unlocks it as target? I'm no programmer, but it's frustrating since it ends up being more productive to ignore mining drones entirely, since every other time it has to waste additional time targeting 2 new asteroids every time when it should only be targeting 1, that lost time that could have potentially gone to mining with the higher yield mining lasers.

As an additional question: Would it be possible to add a mode where the bot keeps some crystals of each type included in the asteroid settings list in the cargohold? So that it can switch based on which asteroid is being mined?
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