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Bug report 4 г., 5 мес. назад Репутация: 0
When setting up The Miner application, for example is I only wanted to mine veldspar and Kermite, I would go to the settings,asteroid to mine and only have Veldspar and Kermite checked then go to miner settings, check the box to Use/Refit crystals. Made sure I had the right crystals in the Items hangar, log of and start Eve pilot and let it do it's thing. When It tried to find the crystals, it types 'Multiple mining Crystals' in the Search box of the items hangar. Since there is nothing with that name, it finds nothing and can't continue.

Also, a suggestion? It would be nice to have a pause button right above First Run and Continue. A button to Pause it's control over things, lasers would keep mining etc, so you could do something else on the computer for 5 minutes without fight for control of the mouse constantly. Then unpause it and have it continue on normally. As it is, I have to close the Eve Pilot window, then I can log off the game but the image of the game stays and is locked, can't minimize it, and the only thing to do is log off Win7 and log back in and start everything from scratch. The only reason I can even do this is becase I have two monitors and drag my taskbar with Start button over to the 2nd monitor. Otherwise I'd have to do a hard reboot just to get full control back for my 5 minute task. Other than all that, I love the program, will test the pickup/delivery thing soon and probably buy that option too
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