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Factional Warfare Bot
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Factional Warfare Bot for EVE Online



Factional Warfare Bot is a special version of hunt bot for EVE Online. Factional Warfare (FW) bot is collecting Loyalty Points (LP) as a reward for capturing FW complexes in low security systems for attacking or defending side. If you are new to a factional warfare, visit a guide. Doing missions in low security zone is risky, but rewards are also high. FW bot is most profitable bot for use with alfa clone. Defensive missions may be started from the day one as you need only frigate with microwarpdrive! Attacker missions require a ship with at least 100 damage per second (DPS) as NPC frigates and destroyers in FW complexes have resists and higher regeneration rate. As a rule two week alfa clone with tristan (gallente frigate) and 5 hobgoblins can complete novice and small missions in 20-30 minutes. Medium sized missions require destroyer class ship. First ISKs (about 50m) may be collected with mining bot in venture (mining frigate). The more missions you complete, the higher your military rank and standing to a faction. Factional warfare LPs are used to purchase faction items in loyalty store with very good ratio. Also you may add LPs of a bot to infrastructire hub in your system and increase level of a FW system you are living in. Higher level systems have production bonuses and increase Tier level of a whole faction and you dont need to waste your own LPs to do this upgrade.


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