0.0 Security System Support

If you want to mine in zeroes you should enable and use real time local monitor. This function generates Emergency Warp Out event (EWO) if any character with disallowed standing appears in local. This function requires expanded local window and you must set this window expanded during first run if you check Shared Settings->First Run Wizard Settings->Expand PnP and Local Chat as described here. Local monitor will also generate EWO if the number of characters in local chat window does not fit into local chat window height. If you want to disable EWO in this situation, untick 'EWO if Too Many Chars in Local' checkbox. This way you can use local monitor in high sec, where a lot of players in local. If you will not expand local chat window, but activate real time local monitor with EWO if too many chars in local, bot will never leave POS or station.

'Local Cleared Delay' - set this time to return to regular work after local is cleared. Dont make this time too short.

'Avoid standing icons group' - here you can define what standing icons count as hostile and avoid.

'Grouping' is an exchange of information between several clients on the same computer. Dont confuse grouping and fleeting. Fleeting is for fleet bonuses, grouping is for organized actions. If you want them to act as a group enable one of the following options:

'Use Arrays' is the only used if you mine to POS. If you have compression or ship assembly array you may unload ore to this structure rather then into corporate/personal hangar. Arrays have more free space (15+ freighters). With new EVE inventory you cannot define division where to unload ore at POS hangar or array. But you can define this position during first run wizard manually. After bot finished resizing and reposition of the hangar window pause bot with control+p, select required division and unpause bot to finish first run wizard.