Front Page Elements

Title Bar

The title bar consists of 5 elements. Each element is designed to accomplish a special range of tasks.

1) Installation directory. Click this and you will get quick access to EVE Pilot's installation directory. If you have a license file, put it here to activate the full version mode of EVE Pilot.

2) Check licenses. If you have full version mode licenses in the installation directory, this option will show you a table of your licenses with detailed information about each license:

The table has information such as the license file name, the serial code that is stored in the license, product code or SKU, expiration date for subscription based licenses and whether or not the license was accepted by the server. The [Show Serial] button will show a serial number, generated by a previous first run procedure. The [Refresh] button will rescan the licenses and refresh the table.

3) Tools. This gives you access to some general functions of EVE Pilot:

4) Help file. This will open the help file.
5) About. This will show you the current version of the program installed.
You can return to the front page of EVE Pilot with the [To Front Page] button in the side panel (on the right).
Side Panel Elements

Localization Buttons - The program is translated to several languages. Use buttons to switch to selected language.
Settings and Shared Settings Buttons - used to open and define general settings or settings for each bot.
First Run Button - used to start first run. First run is required to create in-game settings, copy these settings locally and generate serial code for current client. First run will erase current eve settings
Continue Button - after you completed first run, you may use fast start with continue button. Bot will erase current eve settings, copy first run settings from local cache and start client.
Hint: You can also start evepilot in last known configuration with parameters /a and /x, where '/a' is autostart and '/x' - the number of seconds to wait before start (to load your OS and establish internet connection). To override the maximal number of clients (10) use parameter /n2, where 2 is the maximal number of clients + 1. This will help you to save memory if you start EP in virtual machine and need only one client to be loaded. Example of the command line (edit in shortcut of the bot): "C:\Bot\EVEPilot.exe" /a /300