Technical Support

Bug report

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the program and that you have carefully read this help file. Make sure that you use the standard settings created by the first run. You must repeat the first run and check that the problem can be reproduced with standard settings before submitting a bug report. Please look at the first run tutorial and check the requirement to run the program (Windows classic theme, clean desktop, default language, etc.)

To make a bug report:

Creating Log Files

To write a log file you should enable log recording and 'show logs in viewer':

Logger will be opened as soon as you start program:

Logs for each client are separated and shown in different tabs. The only log you should send is a log of the client. Log of a client is recorded in tabs 'Client 0-9'. General log is required by request only and recorded in 'Other' tab.
Pause the program with Control + p and switch to the logger, click 'append log/open file'. The current log will be opened in a text editor where you are able to find the filename. Close the text editor and click 'Open Folder', find the filename of the log, and copy it locally. Compress log to a zip, rar or 7z archive and send it to . Dont make too short log, wait at least 30 minutes or till bot close eve window after error. In is a good practice to start recording log from first run. When you click continue button you also continue recording log file.