Market Analyzer

Tip: If you dont see all button text resize market analyzer window
Tip2: Market analyzer (MA) may analyze market export files created by market exporter or may collect data directly from CCP API server (faster). If you use autotrader you dont need MA at all. This is for standard trader users who want full control of what is bought and sold. If you use API requests, skip settings marked as (*).
The Market Analyzer is a program that processes market export files or eve market data via API call and displays information about the maximum buy price, minimum sell price and profit (%) of buy-resell operations along with the selected brokers fee and sales tax of your trader. It also displays the average volume of orders for past 20 days and current volume in millions of ISKs (mISK), the number of competitors, the total income and probable income (isk/day) , calculated as the ratio of total income vs competitors. A competitor is a trader who has set up buy or sell orders and has updated them recently. The more competitors you have, the less profit you may get from buy-resell operations. 
Probable income is an attempt to estimate your chances to get income from buy-resell operations. The higher this value is, the better it is for you.
All columns can be sorted in ascending-descending order so you can easily see the best information that will produce profit for buy and resell orders within the same station/region.
Analyzer Settings:
  1. 'Select Region' - Specify region if you going to use eve API calls to collect regional data.
  2. 'Limit Search To Station' will only analyze orders within a particular station when checked. Regional buy orders are also included into the calculation as they affect orders in the stations in the whole region. In edit box you can set the name of station that you want to analyze.
  3. * 'Use Market history for (days)' tells the Market Analyzer to only use market export files within the time frame specified. Market files that are older than the figure entered here will produce no up-to-date information. Try to analyze your orders just after you have created them and set this figure to '1'. If more than one export file is found for the same region the oldest one will be deleted automatically. Not used with eve API calls.
  4. 'Calc competitors for (min.)' will mark any order that has been updated within the last x minutes (x being the figure entered into the box) as a competitor. This should be the same amount of time as you have entered into 'Price update interval (minutes)' in EVETrader.
  5. 'Max Order Age (hours.)' may be used to not include orders which were updated X hours or more ago in profit calculation. As a rule orders for item with good income updated frequently. More people participate in sales and create and update orders. If best buy or sell orders for a position were not updated for several days, you most likely will not get any income too if you install your own order.
  6. 'Brokers Fee' and 'Sales Tax' are used to calculate profit.
  7. * 'Recalc. Average Volume' used to recalculate average volume of items from export files rather then take this value from market 20 day history. You may use this option if you collected market export files for the same items during several days. The more export files of the same items you have the better. This setting does not work if you use eve API exports.
  8. * The 'Clear Export Folder' button will erase all files from the local, market export folder.
  9. * The 'Open Export Folder' button will open the local, market export folder. You can take the market export files from here and use them with third party tools,  or put external export files into the folder to process them with the Market Analyzer.
  10. * The 'Start (Files)' button is used to recalculate the data, either for the first time or when any of the setting have been changed by the user. Bot will work with export files. Export files are created by in-game Market Exporter
  11. 'Autostart' checkbox will start analysis when you open market analyzer form automatically with previous settings. Better to not tick this option if you exported a lot of files to be able to change settings before analysis started.
  12. 'Export History (API)' - if you have missing trade volume history file, you can create new one with this function. This function will not export average volumes for all items. Blueprints, NPC goods, low volume items will be skipped as they are not used for trading anyway. Specify region before start.
  13. 'Start (API)' - this will use new method to gather regional market data directly from eve API server and recommended to use. The process will take 0.5-20 minutes depending on your connection, processor speed and selected region. 

Selection Rules:

After you made analysis, you can check any number of records using check boxes in the first column. Selected records have property to occupy top lines when sorted by any column. You can delete non selected records with 'Remove Unchecked' button. And most important, you can use selected records to generate task for sell or buy order installer. Selection rules used to select multiple records at once using several filters:

  1. 'Probable income >' - if value is non zero, selected record must have Probable Income (isk/day) more then defined minimal income. Zero value will switch off this filter.
  2. 'Competitors <= then:' - define maximal number of competitors allowed. Zero value will switch off this filter.
  3. 'Average Volume >=' - this setting will define minimal allowed average volume for position to be selected. Zero value will switch off this filter.
  4. 'Average Volume (mISK) >= ' - is an alternative filter and used to filter out low volume items measured in terms of a total price of all items sold or bought in the region.
  5. 'Profit more then:' and 'Profit less then' may be used to define minimal and maximal profit you would like to see in selected records. Use zero to disable these filters.
  6. 'Autocheck on start' may be used to check all items automatically as soon as analysis stopped if you dont plan to change your selection rules settings.
  7. 'Dont Check NPC Goods' is useful filter if you dont want to include NPC goods to the checked list of items as NPC goods usually sold good but you can rarely make any profit from them.

After you defined selection rules, click 'Check Filtered' to check all records compatible with applied filters. 'Uncheck All' button will deselect all records. 'Remove Unchecked' will delete unchecked records from the list. Corresponding export files not deleted. 'Check items from analyzer list' - will check items you selected in market exporter table. 'Checked to New Analyzer Task' may be used to generate new list of items to be used with in-game market exporter.

Export Buy and Sell Order List:

When several items checked you can generate new list of items for use with sell or buy order installer. To generate buy order installer list check several items in the list, define how much ISKs you want to distribute between buy orders in 'ISK to use in buy orders' edit box, define minimal amount of ISKS you want to use for any buy order. To make sure you will not purchase items for more then one day, tick 'Purchase items for' tickbox and leave 1 day in edit box. Then and click 'Buy Selected'. Maximal prices for buy orders will be defined as average price between sell and buy orders, but not more then 110% of current best buy order price. Quantities to buy will be suggested to maximize your income and based on comparison of Probable Income (isk/day) for each item vs total ISKs you have. 

To generate sell order list check several items in the list, define minimal volume of items (in percent of buy order volume) to start sell and click 'Sell Selected' button. Minimal sell prices generated in the list will be calculated as average price between current sell or buy orders, but not less then 90% of a current best sell order price.

Use unique name when you save new list. If you load wrong xml file to buy/sell order installer you will get an error.