Looter Settings


EVE Looter is a looting and salvaging bot for EVE Online. It can collect jettisoned containers or loot and salvage wrecks after doing missions or anomalies. It can be used in any other situation in which you have created wrecks or containers in specific location. EVE Looter can use tractor beams, salvagers, afterburner as well as any other active modules to increase the efficiency of the bot. To find the location of wrecks or containers EVE Looter uses personal or corporate bookmarks. Bot settings for using personal or corporation bookmarks are different and will be explained separately.

In order to start Looter you need to be in a suitably fitted ship. The recommended ship for looting containers is an industrial type ship. By far the best ship to loot/salvage wrecks is a Noctis as it has bonuses for tractor optimal range/tractoring speed and a good cargohold volume. Create one personal bookmark near a station or corporate hangar array at a POS to unload loot. If you have several personal bookmarks in the system, the bookmark to unload loot must be the first bookmark as described here. If you plan to use corporate bookmarks, you should still define a personal bookmark to unload loot. To start Looter you should select 'Looter' algorithm as below

Looter Salvager Frong Page

 Then define Looter settings. Click 'Settings' button in the right panel and expand the 'Looter Settings' expanded panel.

Personal bookmarks may be used to revisit the same locations multiple times. It is useful when you want to loot jettisoned containers created by your miners, or plan to salvage wrecks in belts. Each location where you want to send Looter, should have a bookmark. You may create bookmarks using the BeltMarker function (requires Miner license), but BeltMarker cannot work with a POS. If you use the bot with miners, create the same set of bookmarks as your miners have. Names of these bookmarks may be different, but bookmark order should be the same for miners and looter. This will allow you to find your miners faster. This special mode will be explained in example below. Looter will visit all personal bookmarks starting from the second till last. The first bookmark is reserved for a station or POS. If the location is empty of wrecks or containers, the bookmark is temporarily marked as visited and the bot will not use this bookmark for a period of time defined by 'Looter Activation Interval'. The Looter activation interval should not be too short. If you have 10 bookmarks and spend about 5 minutes to visit the belt and collect containers, looter may need 50 minutes to visit all belts, so set this value to 3000 seconds. If this interval is too short, looter will find that the first location is not marked as visited anymore and bot will start checks from the first location.

  1. Traveling mode. Traveling mode allows looter to visit a range of systems, find and loot / salvage wrecks or containers in these systems. This may be useful if you plan to find and steal yellow wrecks with a noobship for your first ISKs. This is probably the fastest way to make your first ISKS, especially if you visit 0.5-0.6 systems. To activate traveling mode you need to create personal bookmarks in every system you're going to use for traveling. Then open traveling settings and activate traveling:

    Add systems you want to visit in the list. If you want to return to the first system every time you start, check 'Return To Home System On Start/DT'.

  2. Setting up looter to work as a remote hauler with miner in the same system using personal bookmarks. Make sure your looter and miner have the same set of bookmarks. Neither looter nor miner should have traveling enabled. In miner's settings set it to be a selected tank.

    Open 0.0 sec support expanded panel from looter and check 'Use With Tank' checkbox:

    The bot will go directly to your miner as soon as the miner jettisons a container in space, it will then loot it and unload it to a POS or station. Other 0.0 sec. support settings may be used to setup looter in low/zero security systems. Please visit this page for 0.0 sec expanded panel manual.

Using corporate bookmark:

Corporation bookmarks may be used to transfer new locations to the looter in real time when you create a corporation bookmark with another character. Looter may use and travel to corporation bookmarks located in different systems. Standard traveling mode is therefore disabled if you use corporation bookmarks. To unload loot in your home system you should enable traveling, define your home system name in the traveling list (first line) and set it to return to home system on start:

If you don't define a home system and use corporation bookmarks in different systems, the bot will use the first personal bookmark in each system to unload loot and if such a bookmark is absent, looter will use the first station found. If a station is also not found, looter will generate an error.

Looter will always use the first found corporation bookmark, which meets its filtering rules. It is recommended to delete corporation bookmarks after use automatically. 'Looter Activation Interval' setting is not applicable when you use corporation bookmarks. If no corporation bookmarks are present, looter will reopen people and places to update bookmarks while sitting in the home location (station or POS). This is a normal situation, because corporation bookmarks only become visible to all corporation members a few minutes after creation.