General Information  

If you are not familiar with abyssal ground content in eve online check wiki page before continue. Abyss hunter bot was developed to run abyssal deadspace missions. These missions give loot used to construct triglavian ships and modules as well as mutaplasmids used to upgrade your modules to abyssal type modules with improved characteristics. Income of this bot will depend on mission level you run, the higher level of a mission the better reward, the more dangerous NPCs and more expensive fit you need to survive. Check abyss tracker website for loot table and other usefull information

To start using abyss hunter you need hunt bot license. You can test bot with trial license too, but if your trial time (2h since bot start) ends while you are in abyssal deadspace, bot will initiate disconnect and you may loose your ship. You can also start abyss hunter with trader's license as it is universal and may be used with any bot type.

Abyss hunter bot works with two systems and stations. First station is a trade hub with manufacturing facility where you refit, reload, manufacture and trade. You may create station bookmark in a system with your trade hub. Station bookmark goes first in people and places. At first bot will travel to your refit station. If current ship is not recognized as a ship for missions, bot will purchase new ship, implants, modules and rigs. Bot will fit new ship corresponding to your fitting plan, and, if necessary, inject implants before jumping to a new ship. When everything is ready, bot will travel to a system where you do missions. 

Second station is repair and drone reload station. It is located in the same system where you run missions. Drop drones to this station in advance if you find that bot loose drones. This system needs two green bookmarks. First bookmark is station bookmark, placed near repair station. Second bookmark is a safe spot bookmark. Bot will warp here to open portal to abyssal deadspace. You should place this bookmark far from other objects or portal will fail to open.

You can define the same station to be first and second. This way bot will run missions in the same system without traveling via gates. Chances to be scanned and suicide gunked in trade hub system are higher although.

Select abyss hunter algorithm to open settings.

First run rules. Do first run when you select 'AbyssHunter' as algorithm. If you plan to use drones, create first run while you sit in ANY ship with drones, so bot can adjust drone window size and transparency during first run. Bot need to set default optimal range and default keep at range during first run. Those values need to be set in combat settings before first run

To start tuning bot click Settings button and open general settings:

Define system name where you have station and safespot bookmarks to run missions in a "System" text box.

Bot will stop missions in two conditions. Or something expensive dropped to cargohold and estimation price of a cargo became higher then 'Reload Cargo Price'. When you define this price make sure you include price of ammunition and nanite paste to avoid too fast return. Or by total missions completed. Define how much missions to run without reload in 'Missions Per Round' text field.

If you are shot on consumables (filaments, ammo, drones and nanite paste) bot may purchase them from a trade hub. Maximal prices and quantities to purchase are defined in max price and quantity group of controls. Better to purchase consumables in advance for several rounds, but not less then for one round which is in this example include 10 missions. Nanite paste parameters are hardcoded and only purchased if you use it in your ship fitting plan.