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Only Buying Implants
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TOPIC: Only Buying Implants
Only Buying Implants 1 Month, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 0
Hey Slav!

I am having a trading issue.

Rep is 6+
Sales Tax is under 1.2%
Available ISK is over 4 BISK
145 Max open orders

My trader is not utilizing the open orders I have been at 30 total buy/sell orders for weeks.
Since restarting Auto Trader subscription the merchant is only doing orders for implants. Not the variety of components previously experienced.

Ideas on changes I should make?

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Re: Only Buying Implants 1 Month, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 757
How many free ISKs you have? You can ask bot to create smaller orders if you limit max order size. If you want 100 orders and have 4 bils isks you can set max order size to 50m. I would also recreate market history file just to make sure everything is set. Bot has plenty of items to trade, but if market data is known. So far:

1) Tick exclude skins and boosters - these items have not stable prices and may drop by 80%.
2) Recreate market history file and wait while file is recreated. You will see a message.
3) Tick max funds per buy order and in edit field add 50000000. Later increase this value till 180 mils while your ISKs grow. Note that your current value is 500m, not 50
4) Set max orders to use to be 145 as you really have
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