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EVE Trader 30 day subscription

Perfect Trader Account

Perfect Trader Account

Price: $300.00

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You'll receive the original email and account details of an outstanding trader account with over 30,000,000,000 ISKs! This includes the total value of assets, items, and free ISKs on the account. The account has never been banned, and you can transfer your character to it if needed. It has a clean history with no involvement in RMT or connections to other accounts. The account has been inactive for a while, so logging in will make you look like a returning player.

Just a heads-up, this purchase doesn't fall under our usual refund policy. To make the most of your new account, we recommend taking it slow: avoid selling everything at once, be cautious with ISK transfers, hold off on selling skills, and activate Omega using a credit card for a smooth experience. Following these tips will ensure that your account flies under the radar and doesn't attract any unwanted attention from CCP.

Contact after your purchase for quick arrangements or if you have any questions before diving in. Happy gaming!


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