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Doesnt work
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TOPIC: Doesnt work
Doesnt work 13 Years ago Karma: 0

I purchased the trader bot yesterday. I only want to use the trade functionality. So after the complete first run, I start the bot.

I really dont understand why the hell its trying to do unneccessary stuff while I only want to use traderbot. For some reasons during first run, it tries to warp to some other station instead of the one he is already in. So I just warp back, dock up and rerun the bot.

It ***** read the people & places and then it exits. It has been doing it after 10 attempts. Why the hell is it even bothering with p&p. It needs to open market and do the mojo there.

I really have no idea what is going wrong, but right now the only thing is doing is log, quit, log, quit, log, quit. I have used bots for a lot of online games, sorry to say but this is probably the weirdest and definately not user friendly.

Hope to get it working soon, if not I would appreciate a refund.

Trader bot and Miner bot should have been seperated.
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Re: Doesnt work 13 Years ago Karma: 821
First run will not be separated, if you enable or disable some functions in eve trader. EVE Trader is also deliverer and need in-space setup like miner. You need to finish first run ones and if bot have to setup overview or pnp, it is not big waste of time even for trade bot. You need station bookmark if you want to dock to particular station during first run.

You showing wrong log file. I need "client's" log to follow algorithm logic. In case of a problem with first run after you place station bookmark show client's log. Also I should probably write that there is fail safe settings during first run. If you fail to finish first run, you should set fail safe settings and try again first run wizard. These settings may be reverted back to normal after first run.
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