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How to update VM running on win7 to get DX11
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TOPIC: How to update VM running on win7 to get DX11
How to update VM running on win7 to get DX11 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 4
This was a pain and I registered here just to post this and save some of you some time and trouble.
After posting I see also I may have put this in the wrong place too - sorry.

So Eve is ending dx9 support so that means everyone running VM15 is going to be stuck. If you are on Win 10 this is not an issue just upgrade to VM16 and off you go.

But - VM16 wont install on Win 7

So if your primary pc is running 7 with VM15 you cant upgrade - AND there's the issue of the extra launcher pop up that's causing problems...

Not sure what all the rules are and what I'm allowed to post so I'll apologize now if I'm breaking any lol

First you can give this a quick look on gaming on a VM
Or you can skip it and the take away is that on windows 7 do not upgrade past 16.1 - as of 16.2 VMware requires the host system to have support for DX11.1 and Windows 7 only supports up to DX11 NOT 11.1 so VMware will then disable 3d graphics and games wont work. I also learned this the hard way. If you goof and install 16.2 you will have to uninstall and start over - you can't downgrade.

I found a patched version of VM16 that can be installed on Windows 7 here
There is a link to a working mirror near the end of the thread - and after reading you can see that several others fell prey to the 16.2 disabling 3d graphics on Win7 and Win8 systems but the reason (listed above) was not there and not immediately apparent.
From that link you want VMwareWorkstation.7z file in the VMware16.1.2-20-05-2021 folder. There is also VMwarePlayer.7z if you use that.
Hum I'll link the mirror but I seriously doubt I'm supposed to do that LOL and not sure it will work and I don't think I should upload them here without permission
Files here - mega.nz/folder/5LoC1ToZ#n7PLcTJAxsMX4cOpZYanww

Unzip and install VMwareWorkstation.msi there are also additional files and instructions but basically after the install is complete then copy the extra files to the proper VM program folder and then reboot. Because Win7 is old its missing stuff that's in 8 and up so the extra files fix that so it will work on 7

Once you are back up and running fire up VMware. For each vm before you start it go to Manage and then Change Hardware Compatibility and change it to VM16. Then start the vm and update the vmtools to the new version (11.3.5)
Reboot the vm and bingo you now have DX11 in a Win 7 vm. You shouldn't need to change any of the other vm settings to run eve such as the memory or graphics - I didn't and everything seems to work fine but I am not running EP so I cant really speak to the long term running - I did hear a mention of some issue with dx11 on vm that might affect the memory use on the host system but I've not encountered that so far.

The only side effect I'v seen is this resets the video drivers so you need to re-edit the registry and change the video card entries from VMware to something generic as you did when setting it up the first time.

After that its back to business as usual and no more pop ups from the eve launcher. Once you know the process its fairly quick and painless.

Oh forgot to add you might need a new key - I found one here -
I upgraded to 16.2 first and needed the key (had 15 already) but then had to uninstall and revert to 16.1 and during the uninstall it prompted me to save the key and user data which I did and it didn't ask again. Your mileage may vary.
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