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Deliverer - Cargohold loading issue
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TOPIC: Deliverer - Cargohold loading issue
Deliverer - Cargohold loading issue 5 Days, 17 Hours ago Karma: 0

So after spending sometime mining, I want to setup EP to use deliverer to transport ore to a different system to sell. I setup the systems in the traveling settings I believe correctly, however the bot is getting stuck in a loop trying to transfer items from the station to my ships cargohold. The bot does "select all" and grabs all the items which is a LOT more obviously than what my ships cargo hold can hold. When the bot drags all the items into the cargohold, even gives error message of

"Not Enough Cargo Sapce" and the bot clicks "ok" at the bottom of the popup window displaying the error message and gets stuck on this loop. It continues trying to dump all the items into the cargohold and gets this error.

Now, all I have in hanger is the mineral mined in three versions, regular, concentrated and dense. If I select for example all the dense version even though it is still more than my ship can carry, Eve does pop up a "Set Quatity" window that defaults to the maximum amount my ship can carry and a click of the "ok" box fully loads the ship.

The error is happening when the deliverer bot does the "select all" and drags all items into ships cargo hold, I guess because there are multiple items, and none of the items fit into the cargohold, Eve gives the error. So the select all and drag and drop isn't working.

Is there another way, or do I have something not set correctly in Eve or the bot to get this to work properly?
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Re: Deliverer - Cargohold loading issue 5 Days, 10 Hours ago Karma: 740
Use collector bot (requite looter's license). Deliverer was developed to transport crystals and drones between stations in miner's traveling route 10 years ago, when barges had no ore hold. If you want to use deliverer anyway you will need to add item by item to delivering task
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