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Fitting and ship selection
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TOPIC: Fitting and ship selection
Fitting and ship selection 3 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0
Hello all,

I only have 1 account with perfect mining/navigation and shield skill. 3 or 4 years ago i use the Hulk for botting since it was faster even accounting the travel time distance to station and back. But it doesn't have 3 high slot anymore. So i could use some help to setting up a efficient alternative.

I have a Mackinaw that do a little more than 3000m3 per cicle, with passive tank around 22k ehp so i use drone to kill npc.
I tried that fit with Mining drone II. And i don t know if the extra time lost switching drone penalize me more that simply not using them. If someone has already test that can respond it would be helpful.

The second option is the skiff, basically the same has mackinaw but 15000m3 ore cargo. I live in very quiet system. so the tank could be mostly useful for tanking the npc, this means i could use the mining drone without worrying losing time mining.

Or is the Hulk still the best botting ship?

If someone has a fiting for the mackinaw that can active tank or passive tank the npc, i think that would be the best.

Thanks for your help
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