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TOPIC: Ban wave
Ban wave 3 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 0
All mine were just banned at the same time. I was running VM15 and all VM's mixed up between 2 different w10 lite os's. All had different video card ID/descriptions. I did not do anything for changing masking my ip.

I was in a quiet 0.5 system when ban occurred but i did have a rough start in high sec hence the high amount of investigation visits 661/575 on my two original accounts

AutoTrader was running on the laptop with the new beta courier/AT options enabled running 60mins courier mixed with 120min AT - I had just cleared all the orders and was about to reset the Pilot when I got banned

Main account mixed between VM and desktop OS running miner was mixed play between macro-mining with manual PI and manual ratting - was manual playing when got banned

All Alpha accounts I created was hit as well

FW Alt on a VM was visited 47times - 3 days old struggled with getting FW to be successful had dozens and dozens of deaths

Miner Alpha #3 on a VM - visited 24times - only used 2hr trial mining sessions as I was preparing to set up another miner on - I'm sure was banned by ip investigation maybe only ran 6x 2hr sessions then left it off

Omega - AT pilot was visited 117 times ran for 17days as a courier then switched to AutoTrader which ran for roughly 6days

Omega - Main account was visited 661 times - 2006 account Ran for roughly 5 weeks - i started out in high sec near Jita I suspect that is the high amount of visits.

Omega - miner was visited 575 times - ran for roughly 4 weeks - 2012 account started out 4 weeks ago in high sec near jita got killed a few times and had some ransom eve mails sent to me. I'm sure that is the high numbers of visits

All-in-all 8 accounts banned

I suspect was ip based banned when they investigated all account activities
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Re: Ban wave 3 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 788
Yeah, new farmers are banned fast for the first time. IP masking is crucial part, otherwise one flagged bot can drop whole farm. Better if all VMs use IPs from different providers. Check corresponding ASN here.

There are another rules for alfas: 1) Dont use brand new alfa clone for botting. They are checked within several days since creation. Wait a week before start. 2) Dont create several alfa clones in the same day.
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Send logs to my mail - with subject 'log files' to pass spam filter.
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Re: Ban wave 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0
What VPN would you use to mask IP? I am thinking (censored) becuase its cheap and allows usage on unlimited computers. I guess that those proxys doesn't have to be super fast, just stable.

Edit by Slav2:
Don't need to share your VPN provider. If multiple bots use the same range of IP, they may be detected as a bot farm. Try to use rare VPN (not from the top pages in google seach). More expensive VPN might be better then dirty cheap by the same reason - less chances to share IP range with other bot users.
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