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TOPIC: 10.9.3
10.9.3 1 Year, 2 Months ago Karma: 814
EVE Pilot

First run is required if you use FW bot and want to reset local chat icon set.

1) Added possibility to use undock bookmark in FW bot
Undock bookmark used to warpout from station instantly to safe spot.
Bot will use the first green bookmark if it is the only green bookmark in the system.
Bot will use the second green bookmark if number of bookmarks = 2.
Otherwise bot will use random bookmark excluding first

2) Added checkbox to disable directional scanner if nobody present in local

This will fail to work if you have not standard icon set, e.g. manually added icons of militia and at war with your militia.
Also this will not work if you have disabled exterior view. Disabled exterior view is required as bot may enter system with sansha invasion and local chat became transparent.

Fixed problems with agent dialogs in courier
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