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TOPIC: 9.16.4 New bot "Collector" released
9.16.4 New bot "Collector" released 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 723
EVE Pilot 9.16.4


First run is required in case of problems only

New bot collector released. Collector can collect items within N jumps from home station (ore, loot etc)
It uses estimate price to limit price of a cargo per unload, so hide your BPOs to station warehouse container
Collector uses looter's or trader's licenses to run. Function will be ported to autotrader soon to use citadels
to buy items and sell in Jita. Will update manual later
Stations or citadels w/o high sec route to home station are excluded
Stations located in triglavian systems are excluded (freighters are slow and vulnerable)
Only cargohold is used to transport items.

Fixed problem with selected item window not unpinned during first run
New launcher support (with login fields) added to startup procedure
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