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EVE Miner - EVE Online Mining Bot

EVE Miner - EVE Online Mining Bot


EVE Online mining macro - ISK generator to play for free

EVE Miner is a mining macro for EVE Online and is the main function of EVE Pilot, a multifunctional bot platform. If you are new to EVE Online please visit the official site, register your free account, install the client and then come back here for your first bot program. Although EVE Online is free to play using ALFA account, you can buy Pilots License Extension (PLEX) in the game market from other players and purchase unrestricted OMEGA status of an account. Switching to OMEGA status with PLEX is a special feature of EVE-Online and is allowed within it's EULA. The only thing you need to play EVE Online as OMEGA is... in-game currency - ISK. How can you earn millions is ISK to pay for your game time? Many new players do not realize how to earn ISK in the beginning of their EVE Online career. One of the most effective ways for a new player to get ISK fast is mining.

EVE Miner is the first mining macro, created by MacroLab. Like another types of bots, EVE Miner emulates the mouse movements and keystrokes to send commands to the EVE Online client window. You can start EVE Miner and leave it working for you whilst you sleep, work or study. EVE Miner is not playing for you, but repeating the most boring and exhausting actions in the game. Such as mining, waiting several minutes while you fill your cargohold with ore and then transporting the ore to a station, many times a day. There is nothing interesting in these repetitive actions for an EVE Online player, especially if you spend the ISK to pay for the OMEGA subscription. After 10-20 rounds you will find this boring. If you are not role-playing and want to spend your ISK to buy OMEGA status, consider using EVE Miner to automate your ISK flow. Once purchased, EVE Miner will save you a lot of real money, time and the desire to play EVE Online in the future

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he first prototype of EVE Miner was born on Feb 08, as an alternative macro to the popular (at the time) OCR/AI mining macro by Evolution and adopted the main idea of the program. The code was written in autohotkey and the product was known as Simple Miner. Development of Simple Miner was suspended due to general vulnerabilities of autohotkey generated executables, the author of the program started to rewrite the program in C#. The rewrite (together with studying of the new language) took place from Sept 09 until April 10 and was coded from scratch. EVE Miner became a universal multi-client multifunctional bot with the possibility of modifying its algorithms. Since version 3 (Nov 10), EVE Miner became one of a few functions of EVE Pilot - a multifunctional bot. EVE Pilot is a collection of bots; mining, station-to-station hauling and planetary interaction.

Stability was given the highest priority. EVE Miner is based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques. OCR allows the program to read text and numbers directly from EVE Online's client window. Invention of methods such as "background exclusion method", opened the possibility to read text from transparent unstable backgrounds in a wide color range. Filtration and comparison by color range has improved the reliability of the OCR engine and removed the dependency of the OCR results for particular configurations (video-card, driver) of the user's PC or client color bit rate. Full area image searching allows for the customization of cargohold and inventory window positions. EVE Miner can automatically detect the position of menu items and recognize text in the overview. Every new method applied to EVE Miner was tested with "crush tests" in the test stand which applies camera rotation, background color change, disconnect emulation, etc over several hours. The methods with a 0% fail rate are approved and implemented into EVE Miner and we will follow this practice in the future.

Efficiency is given the next priority. Every new method EVE Miner uses should pass tests of efficiency over time. If the results of the tests are not sufficient or perhaps worse in comparison to the old method, we continue developing the new method until it is complete. New versions of EVE Miner are optimized for multi-client. The speed of all methods within EVE Miner were measured and bottlenecks removed. A built in profit calculator allows profit estimation from it's mining operations and allows you to choose the most efficient ship setup, system, mining settings or mining methods. The efficiency of a miner lies in hands of the user. We offer the ability to make the tuning of EVE Miner by changing several simple parameters like shield or armour level before a fight will initiate or the manoeuvring methods. Users can also create new algorithms and customize EVE Miner's behaviour, or switch between several built-in algorithms and choose the most effective for a particular mining task.

Reliable, efficient and safe. You might read these three words in our Google advertising campaign. The safety of our products is given one of the top priorities. Botting is against EULA for EVE Online. If you are caught, your account might be suspended or terminated permanently. Or you might just get a warning for the first time. Our task is to make a non detectable bot, so users who mine manually will not notice that your miner has the behaviour of a bot. To complete this task we introduced customization of EVE Miner's behaviour. You can customize the in-station/after-undock delays and schedule random shut downs for a few minutes or several hours. You can change the behaviour of EVE Miner in a belt and select different methods of warping, manoeuvring, mining and fighting. The Travelling function of EVE Miner allows you to divide the day and mine in multiple systems. You can visit belts and leave if belt is occupied by other players. If you do this, nobody will report you or declare war on your corporation.

Survey scanner support - This unique feature for EVE Pilot will measure the content of asteroids and switch off the mining lasers when an asteroid is about to be depleted. The mining amount, laser duration and optimal range of your lasers are taken from the mining lasers information screen whilst you are in space to ensure that fleet bonuses are included. This feature greatly improves your profit near downtime, when most of the asteroids have a reduced amount of ore.

Higher concentration ore mining - EVE Miner will mine the +5% and +10% asteroids before the standard ones if they are present in the belt and in optimal range of the mining lasers. Until now, only human players with eyes could do this but EVE Miner by Macro Laboratory with it's artificial brains can now repeat this.

Algorithm editor - users can use the algorithm editor for EVE Miner to create and use custom algorithms of the miner. Custom algorithms can be used to perform non-standard tasks of EVE Miner such as hauling staff from stations to stations, gate mining etc.

Multi-client Optimization - All EVE Miner's functions are optimized for multi-client use. You will never see the program waiting to warp or dock while another client is not receiving the required attention. The performance of each function is monitored in real time and bottlenecks were removed. EVE Miner divides it's time between the clients in an asynchronous manner, each client receives only the required portion of time and will not waste time when the client no longer requires attention any more.

Multi-client mining - You can start up to 10 clients on the same machine. When using multi-client, you can start several of the same algorithms of the miner or use any different algorithm at the same time. Each client will make its own tasks depending on its algorithm.

Full 0.0 mining support - EVE Miner watches local in real time and war ship to station or POS if hostiles entered local. Bot adopted to fight with null sec NPC including battleships using group fight mode, when several bots start to kill NPC if one of bots is under attack. Bot detects long fights and skip them by timeout or cargoload full event. No more wasting time due to fight at the end of your mining round. Additionally group mode will exchange information about local with a group to initiate warp faster for whole group.

Hidden belt support - Hidden belts are supported as a part of 0.0 mining support. Bot will not scan for hidden belt, but may use bookmark and mine here. Use statistics form to detect what is your theoretical profit and compare profits for each ore in hidden belt.

Fleet mode - Fleet autoformation feature. Define fleet commander role and fleet member roles to create corporate fleet and get fleet bonuses. Fleet autoformation will recreate fleet after unexpected connect lost or down time. Also you can use remote fleet if you have several computers.

Jettison Container Support - Bot will jettison containers and rename them using curent time or your custom name. Bot will reuse existing not full containers or create new jettison container.

Looting and Abandoning Wrecks - if you want to loot faction wrecks and abandon other wrecks, there is a function to do this after fight.

POS support - unloading your ore to custom division to corporate hangar or assembly array on POS.

Travelling function - you can use a list of systems for mining. EVE Miner will move from one system to another with user defined scenarios. Mining in different systems every few hours will not look like a bot mining.

Manoeuvring during mining - EVE Miner reads the distances from the EVE Online overview and moves into new positions so more asteroids are in optimal range of the lasers. This technique effectively removes the approaching stage during mining.

Final working time prediction - EVE Miner knows in advance when to finish mining and starts warping back to the station. This technique removes time required to align the ship during it's final warp out and will fill your cargo hold to 100%.

Statistic per belt - EVE Miner compares belts by their profitability and avoids non-profitable belts until no profitable belts are left in the system. If one belt provides the best results, EVE Miner will warp to this belt next time.

Calculation of the mining profit - EVE Miner has a statistic tab where you record the achievements during mining. We are out to compete with other mining programs for the title of most profitable EVE Online miner. A Stand alone profit calculator for use with other EVE Online bot programs will be available soon.

Fully automated bot - EVE Miner handles all window coordinates, OCR settings and timers on its own. EVE Miner doesn't require tuning before use or after every EVE Online update.

Fighter bot - Will monitor shield/armor status and use passive/active tanking methods; start the fight module upon damage or jamming events; activate and deactivate modules at user defined levels of shield/armor damage; use drones to kill NPC's. The fighter bot will launch drones for the duration of a fight and then return them to the drone bay. Possibility to launch drones in advance after warp.

Emergency warpout module - EVE Miner users can define the level of shield/armor to warp out to another belt. This method can be used by pilots with weak tanking skills to avoid any fights.

Emergency logoff module - Using low-level and stable procedures to detect when critical damage has occurred and disconnect the client.

Reloading Drones and Crystals - EVE Miner can monitor the amount of drones in the dronebay and mining crystals in the mining lasers and refit them if necessary while in station.

Customization - You may change duration of everything the bot does. Also bot never clicks to the same location or moves mouse by the same trajectory. Use up to 5 custom log off timers to emulate rest time every human have to do.

Detailed log file - with our log file your can learn how EVE Miner works and write your own mining bot program :)

Lifetime Upgrades and Support - EVE Miner is in constant development. Our professional team is ready to help you through live chat and forums. We have a growing community of macro users which are ready to help you. Thank you all.

Selected Screenshots: EVE Pilot for EVE Online.

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