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EVE Courier - Mission Bot for EVE Online

There are plenty of ways to make ISK in EVE Online, one of the first available for novice methods is a Courier Agent Run. Courier missions are contracts issued to transport cargo from one station to another and may be taken from an agent of distribution division (courier agent) in most stations in Eve Online. Upon the completion of the mission the player receives a reward in the form of ISK, Loyalty Points (LP) to the faction the mission was done for and Standings to the agent and corporation of the agent. Loyalty points may be spent to purchase faction items, implants, and rare skillbooks (like distribution connections) in the loyalty point store. Access to the loyalty point store is available from the station services menu. Increasing a characters standings is a long run investment to your character. The advantages of having higher standing includes tax-less refining, reduced fees to setup market orders, access to jump clone facilities and the possibility to install POS (Player Owned Structure) in high security space.

A courier mission takes a lot of time to complete. If the first level agents ask to transport items from one station to another in the same constellation, then higher level missions require a lot of traveling including visits to several regions.

To get a higher faction standing you need to run storyline missions and each storyline mission is given when you complete 16 regular missions. If you want to install a POS in a high security system, you must have a corporation standing of 5 or above. This can be an extremely tedious task and only a few people complete this task manually.

The EVE Courier bot can level your corporation and your faction standings automatically in order to get higher standings with a corporation so that you can install a POS in high security space to be able to trade, mine or manufacture T2 ships or equipment using your own POS.

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he courier bot finds and travels to multiple agents of levels 1 to 4 of the Distribution Division and completes the courier missions taken from these agents. The courier bot only works within high security space, so if the courier mission requires travel to a low security system, the bot declines the mission in order to avoid the possible loss of your ship. EVE Courier may be used with any skill level of a character, including trial account users. The bot may be used with any type of a ship with cargohold volume enough to accept at least one mission. Having low cargohold free space limits the number of missions the bot may take at the same time, so it is recommended to use ships with as big a cargohold as possible. The Courier bot is capable of making several courier missions at once, it calculates the optimal route to visit new agents, pick-up and drop-off locations. The more missions the bot runs at the same time, the less time the bot spends on one mission. The bot collects information about the mission during the agent’s conversation stage and attempts to optimize the route in order to complete missions with higher time bonus rewards faster. Courier bot uses TSPP (Travelling Salesman Problem with Profit) optimization. The bot gathers statistics about taken or cancelled missions then compares the mission’s parameters and, as soon as the bot's practice increases, may redraw missions from the same agent and attempt to take a mission which gives a better profit. This increases the efficiency of the bot and, as a rule, the bot can complete at least 6 missions of 4 level agents per hour. Our courier bot has no analogues so it is self-sufficient.

Preliminary tests show that our courier bot income may be at least 5.6kk ISK per hour (this includes the maximum LP to ISK conversion rates with top skilled character running 4 level missions and storyline mission rewards). The Courier bot may be used in multiclient mode with any combinations (e.g. two couriers or courier + miner). Traditionally, as any product of MacroLab, the courier bot has a Planetary Interaction (PI) add-on to update extractor control unit programs on planets. Therefore the courier bot income may be even higher. Our Courier bot may be used as a secondary bot to level standing remotely using fleet standing and reward sharing.

The main advantage of our courier bot is that it does not require continuous skill levelling, big time investment or lots of ISK in order for it to run. The Courier bot does not consume any resources (i.e. it does not use mining crystals, drones, or new ships after suicide ganks etc.) it is recommended to use the courier bot if you have no time to play eve or just want to level skills and don’t bother with anything else. The bot may accept and complete courier and trade storyline missions automatically. If you don’t run encounter storyline missions manually (which is a 5 times more effective way to level faction standing), the bot will finish levelling of faction standing in about 3-4 weeks to be able to accept 4 level missions. Approximately the same time is required to level skills for the Iteron V which is the best industrial ship to run 4 level missions. The Courier bot does not attract the attention of other players as it travels from system to system in an unpredictable manner.

here is plenty of information about courier missions available on the Internet, but here we will summarize some information about courier missions, skills and equipment needed for new players who want to try the courier bot. There are 3 topics you should know to run the bot:

1. Information about standing:

Courier mission running increases your standings and there are 3 types of standings present:
  • Personal standing - your standing you have with particular agent. The better personal standing you have with agent, the better missions agent offers. This statement is not confirmed in the case of courier agents, but became obvious if you run encounter missions and level personal reputation to the agent above 8. Personal standing may drop if you cancel many missions of the same agent in short time. If personal standing to the agent became lower then corporation standing to the corporation of the agent, the agent became unavailable and you need to finish missions of other agents of the same corporation in order to make the agent available again. This is not the case if you use courier bot as it rarely cancels any missions.
  • Corporation standing - your standing you have with corporations. Corporation standing increases when you complete regular or storyline missions for agents of the corporation. Corporate standing opens an access to agents of the same corporation.
  • Faction standing - your standing you have with faction. Each corporation belongs to some faction and there are a few factions available in the game. Some factions have plenty of courier agents in high security systems (Caldari, Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar), some factions have only a few agents (e.g. Sisters Of EVE) in high sec and some factions (e.g. Mordu's Legion) located in zeroes and not used with courier bot. Faction standing increases when you complete storyline missions. Each storyline mission is given after completion of 16 of regular missions of the same level. Alternatively you may run missions for COSMOS agents and level faction standing, but each COSMOS agent gives just one mission and to finish mission you need special items. Faction standing opens access to all agents of all corporations of the same faction. The Courier bot was developed to run multiple missions from multiple agents at once, therefore a faction standing increase is a requirement to run higher level missions.
Higher corporation and faction standing offer valuable possibilities to the player:
  • Reduced refining fees - You give about 5% of your minerals during refining if you have no standing with the corporation or the station where you perform refining. If your corporation or faction standing is higher than 6.67, there is a 0% refining fee.
  • Reduced brokers’ fee – A brokers fee is applied when you install market orders and may be calculated using the empiric formula:

    Broker Fee(%) = (1 - 0.05 * Broker Relations Skill) / 2^(0.14 * Faction Standing + 0.06 * Corporation Standing)

    If your broker relations skill is maximal brokers fee may be calculated by:

    Broker Fee(%) = 0.75 / 2^(0.14 * Faction Standing + 0.06 * Corporation Standing)

    Faction standing is more important to reduce broker’s fee then corporate standing. Minimal possible broker’s fee is 0.18%.
  • If you’re corporate standing is more than 8 you can install jump clones at stations belonging to that corporation.
  • If you’re corporation has faction standing more then 5, you can install a POS in the systems with a security level of 0.5. To install a POS in systems with a security level of 0.6 and 0.7 your corporation must have a faction standing of 6 or 7 respectively. Faction standing of your corporation is calculated as an average faction standing of members of your corporation without connections skill bonuses.

2. Types of ships used with courier bot and skills required to use ships

The maximum cargo volume that is required to transport items during a courier mission, depends on the mission level. Level 1 courier agents may ask to transport as much as 300 m3, level 2 - 420 m3, level 3 - 3000 m3 and level 4 up to 7200 m3. Storyline courier missions may require even more space (up to 40000m3 for level 4 missions). First level missions may be run in a frigate with a cargohold volume more then 300m3. Each main faction has such a frigate:

• The Amarr have the Magnate,
• The Caldari have the Heron,
• The Gallente have the Imicus,
• And the Minmatar have the Probe.

Additionally you may increase the cargohold volume of a ship using Expanded Cargohold II mods and then run level 2 missions. If you plan to do level 3 or 4 courier missions, you will need a paid Eve Online subscription to learn how to fly industrial ships. Level 4 missions will additionally require you to install Medium Сargohold Optimisation I or II rigs.

There are a few skills required to run the courier bot:
• Racial frigate trained to level 3 to start learning industrial ships,
• Racial industrial ship trained to level 3,
• To install rigs you need Mechanic trained to level 3,
• Jury Rigging trained to level 3
• Astronautics Rigging trained to level 1.
• And to fit Expanded Cargohold II you need to train Hull Upgrades to level 2.

3. Skills required to increase efficiency of the bot
There are 4 skills required to learn in the Social group of skills. "Social" skill may help to increase standing faster and is a requirement for other skills in the social group. “Social” skill increases standing bonuses for completion of the mission by 5% per level. Train the Social skill to level 3. The second skill you need is "Connections", this adds a static standing growth by 4% per skill level. Train this skill to 3 and this will add +12% standing growth and help to open level 2 agents as soon as you finish just one storyline mission of the first level. Alternatively you may complete one COSMOS agent mission. Alternatively you may just complete one COSMOS agent mission. If you plan to do level 4 missions you may not need to train the Connections skill any longer. By the time you get an Iteron V (the best industrial ship for level 4 missions) you will have a faction standing of 5 without the Connections skill bonuses.This takes about 3 to 4 weeks if you do not run all the storyline missions, including encounter missions and missions in low sec systems manually.
Another two skills recommended to level are Negotiation trained to level 3, Trade trained to level 3 as a prerequisite to Distribution Connections. Distribution Connections should be trained to level 3 or 4, the skill book for Distribution Connections is available in Loyalty Points store, but you can buy it from the players market for about 20 million ISK in order to save time. The Negotiation skill will add a 5% bonus to mission ISK rewards for each level and the Distribution Connections skill will add a 10% bonus to Loyalty Points reward for each level.

action Standing. Define the "home station" in the courier bots settings and this will also define which faction the bot will level standing for. Make sure you have selected the correct station,( e.g. do not select an Amarr station in Caldari space). To level faction standing you do not need to use level 1agents, you just need to start using level 2 agents. You need to complete 16 regular missions regular missions for the level 1 agent in order to get a storyline mission, you should also train the Connections skill to level 3. This will increase your faction standing above 1 and then this is enough to run level 2 agent missions.

Be sure to select a station with plenty of available agents nearby. You may use the agent finder available in the people and places menu to see how many agents are close to the home station you have set. As soon as your faction standing increases to 3 or more you may switch to level 3 agents. The level 4 agents will require a faction standing of 5 or more. Note that level 5 courier agents do not exist. You may complete trade and courier storyline missions automatically, but in order to complete trade missions you need to have some ores in your home station.
• Level 1 storyline trade missions will require Veldspar (999 units or 100m3 cargospace) per mission,
• Level 2 will require Scordite (1,665 units or 250m3 cargospace),
• Level 3 will require Omber (10,000 units or 6,000 m3cargospace),
• Level 4 will require Kernite (8,000 units or 9,600m3cargospace).

Although your corporation standing may be increased by grinding multiple regular courier missions, it is not as effective a way as when you complete a storyline mission from a storyline agent of the same corporation. One level 4 storyline encounter mission may increase your corporation standing by 25%! The main idea of this method of corporation standing levelling is using the courier bot to finish as many storyline missions as possible for that corporation’s agent. Select home station with storyline agent of required corporation. In order to find such a station, you may open the agent finder from the people and places, agents tab and filter the agents listed by type. You should level 1 and 2 missions as much as possible but do not accept any storyline missions yet. Each storyline agent may offer just one storyline mission at a time. If the nearest agent already offered a storyline mission, then the next nearest agent is also used so you will block all the nearest agents with low level storyline missions fast by not completing them. Go through all the storyline missions and decline (or complete) those missions which belong to agents of the corporation you need to level standing for. If you start the bot now, you will see that storyline agents of your corporation start to offer new storyline missions because they are nearest and not offered any mission yet. If you do the storyline missions manually, you may find the latest offered missions sorted by expiration time in your journal. You can also do storyline missions for a particular corporation using the bots function, just enable the level corporation standings, select the home station which belongs to the corporation you want standings for and the bot will do the rest. It is necessary to mention that the bot runs regular courier missions for all corporations and not just for a particular corporation. You still need to increase your faction standing in order to run higher level agents.

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