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Factional Warfare Bot for EVE Online



Factional Warfare Bot is a special version of hunt bot for EVE Online. Factional Warfare (FW) bot is collecting Loyalty Points (LP) as a reward for capturing FW complexes in low security systems for attacking or defending side. If you are new to a factional warfare, visit a guide. Doing missions in low security zone is risky, but rewards are also high. FW bot is most profitable bot for use with alfa clone. Defensive missions may be started from the day one as you need only frigate with microwarpdrive! Attacker missions require a ship with at least 100 damage per second (DPS) as NPC frigates and destroyers in FW complexes have resists and higher regeneration rate. As a rule two week alfa clone with tristan (gallente frigate) and 5 hobgoblins can complete novice and small missions in 20-30 minutes. Medium sized missions require destroyer class ship. First ISKs (about 50m) may be collected with mining bot in venture (mining frigate). The more missions you complete, the higher your military rank and standing to a faction. Factional warfare LPs are used to purchase faction items in loyalty store with very good ratio. Also you may add LPs of a bot to infrastructire hub in your system and increase level of a FW system you are living in. Higher level systems have production bonuses and increase Tier level of a whole faction and you dont need to waste your own LPs to do this upgrade.



EVE Courier Bot


EVE Courier - Mission Bot for EVE Online

There are plenty of ways to make ISK in EVE Online, one of the first available for novice methods is a Courier Agent Run. Courier missions are contracts issued to transport cargo from one station to another and may be taken from an agent of distribution division (courier agent) in most stations in Eve Online. Upon the completion of the mission the player receives a reward in the form of ISK, Loyalty Points (LP) to the faction the mission was done for and Standings to the agent and corporation of the agent. Loyalty points may be spent to purchase faction items, implants, and rare skillbooks (like distribution connections) in the loyalty point store. Access to the loyalty point store is available from the station services menu. Increasing a characters standings is a long run investment to your character. The advantages of having higher standing includes tax-less refining, reduced fees to setup market orders, access to jump clone facilities and the possibility to install POS (Player Owned Structure) in high security space.

A courier mission takes a lot of time to complete. If the first level agents ask to transport items from one station to another in the same constellation, then higher level missions require a lot of traveling including visits to several regions.

To get a higher faction standing you need to run storyline missions and each storyline mission is given when you complete 16 regular missions. If you want to install a POS in a high security system, you must have a corporation standing of 5 or above. This can be an extremely tedious task and only a few people complete this task manually.

The EVE Courier bot can level your corporation and your faction standings automatically in order to get higher standings with a corporation so that you can install a POS in high security space to be able to trade, mine or manufacture T2 ships or equipment using your own POS.

EVE Trader - Traveling, Market Analyzing and Trading Bot for EVE Online

Trading in EVE Online, the choice of professionals.

EVE Trader, market analyzing, traveling, trading bot for EVE Online The profession of a trader is, without a doubt, the most profitable and risky one in EVE Online. Having enough money to start can earn you a lot of ISK each day or to lose it all just as quickly. The main idea of EVE Trader is simple: buy something at a low price and sell it at a higher price. Anyone can buy a cargohold of goods in one system, haul it to another system then sell it and call themselves a trader. Whilst most traders of this type see this as the all inclusive path to success, there are "points" that separate a basic trader from a professional. Professionals exploit the inability of people to do something.

EVE Miner - EVE Online Mining Bot


EVE Online mining macro - ISK generator to play for free

EVE Miner is a mining macro for EVE Online and is the main function of EVE Pilot, a multifunctional bot platform. If you are new to EVE Online please visit the official site, register your free account, install the client and then come back here for your first bot program. Although EVE Online is free to play using ALFA account, you can buy Pilots License Extension (PLEX) in the game market from other players and purchase unrestricted OMEGA status of an account. Switching to OMEGA status with PLEX is a special feature of EVE-Online and is allowed within it's EULA. The only thing you need to play EVE Online as OMEGA is... in-game currency - ISK. How can you earn millions is ISK to pay for your game time? Many new players do not realize how to earn ISK in the beginning of their EVE Online career. One of the most effective ways for a new player to get ISK fast is mining.

EVE Miner is the first mining macro, created by MacroLab. Like another types of bots, EVE Miner emulates the mouse movements and keystrokes to send commands to the EVE Online client window. You can start EVE Miner and leave it working for you whilst you sleep, work or study. EVE Miner is not playing for you, but repeating the most boring and exhausting actions in the game. Such as mining, waiting several minutes while you fill your cargohold with ore and then transporting the ore to a station, many times a day. There is nothing interesting in these repetitive actions for an EVE Online player, especially if you spend the ISK to pay for the OMEGA subscription. After 10-20 rounds you will find this boring. If you are not role-playing and want to spend your ISK to buy OMEGA status, consider using EVE Miner to automate your ISK flow. Once purchased, EVE Miner will save you a lot of real money, time and the desire to play EVE Online in the future


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