General Information

Doing Factional Warfare (FW) missions is the most profitable activity for use with alfa clone! If you are new to Factional Warfare and want to know how FW works read wiki first. Here is simple introduction to start bot. Faction war has two sides: Amarr and Caldari vs Gallente and Minmatar. To register for one or another side visit any station of FW faction and open a menu:

Then click button Enlist Me:

If you are member of players corporation you have to exit from this corporation or ask CEO to enlist your corporation.

When you register as a Caldari militia, you can make defensive missions in Caldari and Amarr systems or attacker missions in Gallente and Minmatar systems. All FW systems are located in low security space. Bot has possibility to do defensive missions, but they are not so profitable in comparison with attacker missions. Attacker missions of small and novice sizes may be finished if your ship has at least 100 DPS. Otherwise better to run defensive missions and level required skills to increase DPS. To complete FW mission you need to stay at some beacon for 10-30 minutes and kill NPCs (or do nothing if mission is defensive). As a result you will get Loyalty Points (LP) for your corporation. To check collected LPs visit journal:

 LPs may be exchanged in LP store for unique items which may be sold with higher LP/ISK ratio. To find a station where you can exchange your LP open FW window and check for corporation name:

Find a station of your corporation in high security zone. Use website lpstock to find items to purchase with higher LP/ISK ratio. Unfortunately this website has no language selector. Translate it with google if required.

When you participate in FW you may be attacked by your enemies in high security space. Retire from FW when you need to transport expensive cargo. Relisting to FW is possible in 24h.

If you do attacker missions it is recommended to enlist for loosing side as you will have more systems where to go. Bot will spend less time for traveling = less chances to loose your ship at stargates. You will have less competitors, plenty of missions. Also your LP/ISK ratio will be higher.