General Settings  


In order to run courier bot you need to select "Courier" algorithm from drop down box. Courier bot does not need drones or bookmarks. Please unload drones before making first run. There are a few basic settings you need to define in order to setup and run courier bot:

To add new mission to the queue open agent conversation window and copy mission objectives text. Paste this text into the area marked with "A". Enter agent name in the field marked as "B". Define status of the mission in radio and click Add New Mission button to add mission. The mission may not be added if route generated by autopilot has low security systems or if text not recognized by mission construct. If you was not able to add mission, please report with mission details to developer.

View/Delete missions tab may be used to rewiew mision details and delete missions. Select corresponding row and click 'Delete Mission' button.

Statistics tab in mission viewer shows all missions taken or cancelled by courier bot. Filters may be used to show only missions of interest. These records may be exported to comma separated value (CSV) format if you want to plot graphs of your progress. Courier bot may use statistics to compare missions and reject most unprofitable. How to enable this read in fine tuning settings.