Timers function was taken from EVE Pilot without a change. Timers allow to switch off game client and switch it on again at defined times.

In principle it is not required in BDO as many people who actively playing game leave clients online. When client is online workers do jobs, plants grow, energy ticks faster and you receive bonuses for overall time spent online. Here is a short description of this tab:

In timers 1-3 you can define time when to stop game client and time when to start it again. Tick 'idle' checkbox to emulate afk mode. Bot will do nothing during this time, but client will be online.

Timers 4-5 bot are using random time spans instead of a static login-logoff times. In first two edit fields you edit minimal and maximal online time, in second two edit fields you define minimal and maximal offline time. Bot will then cycle online and offline intervals.

Timer 6 is manual timer. You start it with control + shift + p hotkey, then stop it with the same hotkey.

Every timer need to be enabled to take into account. Production bot may not work with timers properly as it is not checking timers during too long production task (subject to change on request).