All characters in Black Desert Online may modify one items into another using production activity window (L). This process is limited by a maximal weight one character can hold. Production may last from minutes to several hours then stops. To continue production player need to unload resulting items, reload character with more ingredients and start production again.

Production bot automates this activity. You can define multiple production tasks and bot will search for required ingredients in warehouse, load them to character inventory in required quantities and start production job. When one production task ends, bot will start another task. To use this function you need to buy a house, place storage box into it (storage boxes are supplied by warehouse manager for 10 contribution points) and position your character near storage box. Rotate camera in different directions and make sure that character cannot interect with anything else but storage box from character position. Don't position character too close to storage box, otherwise when you login, storage box may appear on the top of your character and became not functional.

At first you need to register item images so bot will find these ingredients by image search. Two icons need to be registered for each item as inventory cell has 46x46 pixel size, but storage box cell has only 44x44 pixels and images are different. Open inventory widow and place one item in the first cell. Open production tab-> item registration. Position bot window so inventory window is still visible in background. Type name of the item in edit field (e.g. Beer), define row and column of the item in inventory (in our case it is 1-1). Click set inventory icon (46x46 px). Then open storage box. Define position of the item in storage box in row (storage) and column (storage) fields. Click set storage icon (44x44 px):

If everything is OK, click 'Register' button. New item with icon will appear in the list of items. You may resize bot window to see more items in the list. Continue this procedure till you have all required items regisered in database. You need to do this only once for every ingredient or resulting item.

You may face two problems here. 1) You may get message that game client window has wrong resolution. To fix this, open game display settings and reset game resolution: change resolution to anything and when prompted don't apply change to get initial resolution back. 2) You opened storage box but bot fails to detect it. This is another game bug, storage window may be blured. Just switch server or restart game to fix this. This is important to register clean images as you will use them in the future.

 Then open tasks tab:

All registered items will present as a selection option in drop down boxes 1, 2, and Result. Point out required ingredients in drop down boxes 1 and 2 and define quantities to load. If you need only one ingredient, leave name of the second as dash. Then choose production mode (in our example it is Imperial Alchemy). And finally define resulting item to unload fron inventory (Alchemy Box). Click 'Add Task' and your new task will appear in task list. If you dont need task anymore, select it and click 'Delete Task' button. To switch order of task execution you may use buttons 'Up' and 'Down'. To temporarily disable task untick checkbox in front of the task.

NOTICE: Bot does not scroll neither inventory nor storage box. Only 64 first cells are visible without scrolling. Ingredients to load should be visible in storage box or bot will skip this task. You may autoarrange storage box if necessary. 

The next tab are parameters:

To start production bot select Production function and click START