If you dont have BDO account yet, register it here. Use login and password as BDO Pilot does not work with faceboook login procedure. Your account will have 7 free trial days. Game download link may be found in your personal area. You may skip ABC tutorial, but a few small quests of black spirit (giving approximately on 12-14 lvls) must be completed to activate all functions of the character. Final quest is "Experience of the Ancients". Before you run bot set your client to run in windowed mode, english language. Set interface scaling to 100% Bot supports any resolution of a client, but make sure it is not overlapped with other windows and task bar. As a fail safe procedure please start game by bot itself and close other windows from your desktop before start. Bot is developing and testing on NA/EU servers! It reported to work on sea server, but not guaranteed in the future as game versions may change. Bot comes with trial 30 day license in the archive, so please test it.


  1. Point out path to black desert online launcher executable. Use button [<<] to select a path and avoid typo.
  2. Enter your login information or tick 'manual login' option. With manual login you may login to your account manually, e.g. if you created account with facebook login.
  3. Select last server or main server to login. Main server access may be restricted if you switched servers 15 minutes ago, leave last server as fail safe position.
  4. Define character position from top.
  5. In drop down menu 'client function' you may select one of algorithms 'alchemy and cooking', 'fishing', 'auctioner', 'production', 'workers only' or 'cows' corresponding to your idea how to use this bot.

Start button is used to start selected function of the bot